6x21 “Law & Boarder”

6x21 “Law & Boarder”

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caskett au → After months of trying for their own child, Kate finally becomes pregnant. The downside? Daddy Castle becomes increasingly protective and Mama Castle becomes increasingly homicidal.

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Fan: “I was just wondering if we were going to find out more about either Kate or Rick’s childhood? Are we going to see them as kids or teenagers?”
Nathan: “Ooh that’d be cool, like having a… Ooh what if we had an episode where we kind of go do a flashback, and like they’ve met once as kids, but don’t remember”
Marlowe: “That’d be fun”
Nathan: “Right? Pulling some pigtails on a playground… ‘Kate! Stop pulling my pigtails!’ “

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What’s actually at the end of a rainbow.


What’s actually at the end of a rainbow.

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Kate Beckett character tropes

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